We believe that developing the relationship between mind and body allows you to fully reach your potential, raising your awareness of what you can achieve

Mental health, physical health, and self-awareness of how you link to the world around you are the keys to wellness. You deserve to have a genuinely receptive and bespoke service that uncovers who you are and what you can become. MindStudio is the result of this approach and is completely designed around who you are and what you need.

Our Model

The real power of MindStudio comes from an integrative, bespoke and relational service. Isolating physical or psychological intervention without an integrated view of your strategy limits the benefit. Linking the services and professionals within one program ensures all focus is placed where it should be - on you reaching your potential and unique wellbeing aspirations.

The BioPsychosocial model, devised by George Engel in 1977, understands that human health is based on varying factors. It rejects the idea of a reductionist biomedical and biological approach to health and disease, systematically considering the interactions between biological, psychological and social factors. It, therefore, attempts to view the ‘whole person’ in their unique context. A humanistic and relational approach is at the heart of intervention creating an empathic, respectful and communicative approach between organisation and client.

Based on the BioPsychoSocial and Relational Model, MindStudio recognises:

  • That relationships are central in the provision of wellness interventions
  • The importance of client self-awareness and subjective experience as a therapeutic tool
  • That interventions are a combination of professional input and shared-decision making between client and organisation
  • That every client is unique in their history, context and choices
  • The necessity of multi-dimensional and integrative wellness services

Bretforton Hall

Bretforton Hall is a beautiful neo-gothic building built in 1785 by James Ashwin (d. 1835) as a kind of dower house for the Manor of Bretforton and was initially used by the younger generation of Ashwins. The hall at this time would have been an imposing three-bay square house of Strawberry Hill Gothic style. The building is situated in a quiet and rural village. The most notable features are the Gothic tower, ogee-headed windows and battlements. The building and the 3-acre surroundings genuinely add to the experience we provide.  We invite you to share in its glory as you spend time here learning about yourself.

Meet Your Team

Emily Mitchell
Emily Mitchell
Director of Client Services

Integrative Psychotherapist and Psychosocial Occupational Therapist "The creation of MindStudio came from listening to the people I have worked with."

Having had ten years of study and practice working with and listening to clients in both the NHS and private health settings, Emily realised that regardless of background or situation, people needed to feel seen, listened to and understood to flourish and challenge existing ways of being in life. Emily wanted to provide a relational and unique health and wellbeing service centred around the individual client that captured their wide-ranging needs of both body and mind. MindStudio was created to offer this unique and integrated therapeutic experience. Emily is a BACP, and UKCP registered integrative psychotherapist and psychosocial occupational therapist. Her practice is humanistic and integratively focused, drawing upon a developmental and relational approach.

Emily has an MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy, a BSc Honours degree in Occupational Therapy, and a BA Honours degree in English Literature. Emily is now studying PhD at Edinburgh University, which explores aspects of human relationships. Her research interests include relational moments of connection and creativity within a person to person and online context.

Emily loves to travel, explore, music fuelled road trips, music in general, painting and playing the guitar, extreme landscapes, nature and animals and is an avid reader.

Tom Mitchell
Tom Mitchell
Head Of Client Services

"By grouping amazing Health & Wellness professionals together with the shared goal of helping our clients in an integrative way, we can support them no matter their objective."

Thomas is MindStudio's Director of Operations and Co-Founder. Thomas is passionate about delivering an integrated service as impactfully and efficiently as possible.
The opportunity to co-found MindStudio was easy. This hadn't been done before - it was an opportunity to look at the health and wellness industry from another perspective and develop an integrative offering.

Thomas' experience in the corporate environment was at two of the world's largest companies. Firstly as an Analyst and Business Partner where he focused on uncovering operational savings and finance managed a multi-million-pound portfolio. Then he leveraged his Finance and Analytics background to good use, winning new business and occasionally winning awards.

Thomas has a genuine interest in operations, analytics and finance. Since reading the book "Super Crunchers" by Ian Ayres right at the start of his career, he has always promoted utilising and interpreting data to remove complexity and offer ever-developing ways of providing an excellent service.

Thomas's energy and drive extend beyond the world of operations. He is a diehard Welsh rugby supporter, a father to Bluebell and Benedict and husband to Francesca.

Isabel Dawkes
Nutritional Consultant
Isabel Dawkes
Nutritional Consultant

'The only thing I like better than talking about food is eating it'

Isabel works with clients to support hormone health and establish healthy relationships with food. She has an inclusive, food freedom approach stepping away from food rules and restrictive diets to create harmony within the mind and the body by optimising diet & lifestyle. As no two people are the same, all of Isabel's recommendations and plans are entirely personalised to you, based on your symptoms, your body and where you want to be.

Isabel has previously worked in a Trauma & Eating service and spent several years working in Diabetes Prevention for the NHS, in addition to her own private practice. Before she became a Nutritionist, Isabel worked as a private chef in various countries over the globe, giving her a love for food that both tastes good and does good.

The world of nutrition called to her after her own struggles with various hormone conditions; when she became aware of the lack of support for women and the myriad of misinformation out there, that is not only confusing but often incorrect. Isabel believe's there is a reality where you can achieve the best for your mind and body, whilst enjoying food freedom and living the life you desire. It doesn't have to be complicated.

Outside of her clinic, Isabel loves to get headspace by exploring nature, challenging her body through CrossFit and feeding her soul through travelling to new places & finding new delicious food. If she is not baking cinnamon buns in the kitchen of course!

Lynda Baldelli
House Keeper
Lynda Baldelli
House Keeper

Lynda started her career as a qualified shorthand typist, but went on to enjoy a hugely diverse career, as she was always happy to try new challenges.

In the 1980's she worked within the newspaper industry which involved learning to program. However, she went on to work at a newspaper company who was the very first in the UK to produce newspapers entirely with AppleMac products. After working at Worcester University in the marketing/graphic design department and as an advanced horsewoman, Lynda and her husband decided the next challenge was to emigrate to Canada and run an equestrian centre. After five years they then moved to the Sun Peaks ski hill and bought and developed a creperie business.

When they returned to the UK 14 years later, Lynda began working at a veterinary hospital, and gained a qualification for working with companion animals. However, the opportunity arose in her own village, where she could combine all the skills gained in her previous jobs. Lynda then began working for MindStudio as the House Keeper, a very diverse role and one she really enjoys. Combining her love of people, animals and culinary skills and also keeping everyone up to date on media is a dream come true.

Outside of her long career, Lynda adores animals and wildlife, and her border collie Gelert, who she rescued last year. Dogs play a huge role in her life and she has rescued several. She also is trying to learn to crochet (she’s better with software!) and enjoys hiking, boating, skiing, quadding and has, in latter life, found out she can paint pet portraits.

MindStudio at a glance

MindStudio was founded in 2021 by Sister and Brother, Emily and Tom Mitchell.

The team has over 50 years of experience and includes therapists, yoga instructors, physical instructors, dietitians and nutritionists.

Our ethos is centred around Whole Person Health, and we believe that many areas of wellness should be focused on and integrated together.

Every member receives MindStudio One - an individualised program, tailored to your unique health and wellness needs.

We fit in with YOU and deliver both in-person and online health and wellness interventions.

Your feedback is very important to us, meaning your program will consist of regular reviews with your allocated team members.

Join Our Team

You may own your own business, practice, gym or studio, but you can work with MindStudio on a consultancy basis. Being part of this integrated service means you are a part of our team of therapists, instructors and trainers in an environment where your speciality is valued and supported.

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