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Get a team of passionate and knowledgeable industry professionals to support you towards your wellness goals. How will you feel when you hit your potential?

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£599.00 / Month

Online or Face to Face. A perfect package for anyone who is starting their 'Whole Person Health' journey.

Free 1.5 hr Bio Psycho Social Assessment and Report
Free MindStudio ONE program
Free MindStudio 'Swag'
MindStudio Members Dashboard
4 x one to one Therapy sessions per month
2 x one to one Nutrition sessions per month
2 x one to one Yoga sessions per month
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£1,499.00 / Month

Online or Face to Face. Our most impactful package for short term goals. A wedding day on the horizon?

Free 1.5 hr Bio Psycho Social Assessment and Report
Free MindStudio ONE program
Free MindStudio 'Swag'
MindStudio Members Dashboard
4 x one to one Therapy sessions per month
8 x Personal Training sessions per month
4 x one to one Nutrition sessions per month
8 x one to one Yoga sessions per month
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Sky's The Limit

Contact us for a bespoke package dependant on your available time and budget.

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Prefer To Pay As You Go?

You may prefer the flexibility of PAYG. Perhaps try out some of the services before choosing a subscription package.

£59 / Session
£59 / Session
Personal Training
£89 / Session
£119 / Session
£79 / Session
Mind Studio One Program
The process

How does it work?

Contact us

If you have any questions, then please, contact us Here

Visit Bretforton Hall and meet the team

Come to see our facilities and meet some of the team. If coming by train, we will pick you up from the nearby train station.

Complete your BioPsychoSocial (BPS) assessment

This BioPsychoSocial Assessment usually takes about 90 mins. It’s an excellent starting line to understand how we can support you.

Choose your package

You have the option to choose a preformed package, to create a bespoke package based on your time and budget or choose Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG)

Form MindStudio One

We use the results of the assessment to determine what experts could support you. We then work as a team to form a single program of services based on your chosen package - MindStudio One

Book your first session!

Access your very own scheduling platform and book your sessions with the team we have assigned you! You even get to order your favourite type of coffee and music preference before you come!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who would be interested in MindStudio?

MindStudio is for adults that want to understand how they can reach their full potential and increase their quality of life. You may be facing a significant milestone in your life, such as a wedding day, a promotion at work, or even giving birth. You may be struggling with your mental health generally or have just experienced a bereavement or life-changing event and are interested to understand how an integrative model could support you. By integrating your support, you have the best opportunity to explore your current lifestyle and work towards your personal life goals.

Do I need a BioPsychoSocial Assessment before I can start at MindStudio?

Yes – The BPS Assessment is an essential part of our process. It gives you (and us) a clear starting point and integrative view of your individual health needs and how we can support you. It is also an excellent start to your experience that allows you to get to know some of the team here and really give us your perspective of what you need from us.

What does a BioPsychoSocial Assessment include?

It's not enough to look at a person; you have to look at their environment as well. As the name suggests, there are three domains to the Assessment: Biological, Psychological and Social (which really means your relationship with you and your relationship with others). The Assessment is usually performed by a therapist, although it doesn't need to be. We ask a series of questions over 90 minutes to uncover where we can support. The areas we can focus on are usually not individually identified, are linked and influence other areas.

How long does it take to create my program?

We create the programs from scratch for each client's individual needs. We do this after we have completed your BPS Assessment. The first step is to understand what MindStudio professionals you may need – those experts then come together to create your program. This usually takes about two weeks.

Can I change my MindStudio subscription package?

Of course! – We have made it simple to amend your package. Just head to your member's dashboard in your account settings to upgrade or downgrade your membership.

Do I need to travel to Bretforton for my sessions?

We do like to see our clients face to face first and offer all of our services online, allowing you the utmost convenience and accessibility to our program. So, as part of our offering, you can schedule online sessions through your scheduling system.

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