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Our team of specialised health consultants have over 35 years in the healthcare and wellbeing sector. This experience ranges throughout the public and private sector, with clients located all over the world.

We believe the real power of MINDSTUDIO comes from an integrated and bespoke service. Isolating physical or psychological intervention without a holistic view of your personal strategy limits possible benefits. Linking the services and professionals within one programme ensures all focus is placed where it should be- on you reaching your potential and unique well-being aspirations.

If you feel you are not currently reaching your potential or are currently struggling physically or mentally, MINDSTUDIO can provide your link to change with an individualised and holistic service tailored to match your unique, personal well-being needs.
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Kick back and relax, have a personal training session or a talk with a therapist. The Studio is a tranquil place to refresh, reset and focus on your physical and mental health.

Clients have access to psychotherapists, occupational therapists, personal trainers, yoga instructors and dieticians. But, as a truly adaptive and bespoke service, clients aren't limited to just these primary services.

The first step is creating an individualised program completely dependant on you- the client.

Our physical and therapeutic specialists will explore with you what your individual needs are during your initial consultation. The roots of the service are relational, so each member is assigned a personal health consultant to build a relationship with, develop and review your goals.

The next step is up to you; visits can be multiple times a week or only once a month. We will advise the frequency on meeting you, but it is dependant on your needs and your schedule.

Feedback is key to developing your programme and the service we offer you. Therefore, we will schedule regular Studio catch ups to understand how the programme is working for you and areas you wish to develop.

MINDstudio services include:

Mind Studio Can Help Adults with

Integrative Psychotherapy (IP)

Integrative Psychotherapy uses a variety of carefully selected psychotherapeutic approaches. It enables you to integrate your feelings, thoughts, behaviours and physiological aspects of your experience to allow a fuller, more satisfying way of being.

This approach can also help you if you struggle with an ‘Inner Critic’ and high levels of shame that often results from difficult early experiences.

Integrative Psychotherapy aims to enable you to face the moment with greater openness, regardless of previous experiences and life history. We advise this therapy to support with wide-ranging issues including anxiety, depression, relationship issues, trauma and change.

PSYCHO-SOCIAL Occupational Therapy

Psychosocial Occupational Therapy is a holistic therapy that involves you working more practically in partnership with your therapist to identify goals that are important to you and your health.

Regardless of your issues or perceived barriers, we work with you and aim to identify and overcome any functional gaps you are experiencing in your daily life. With the support of a bespoke therapeutic plan, our focus is for you to develop self-awareness, and achieve balance and health within all areas of your life. This includes your relationships, work, roles, hobbies and self-care.

Depending on the focus of your therapy, sessions can take place in the form of person-to-person sessions in the studio or different locations within the community.

Physical, Body-orientated Approaches


Yoga’s positive benefits on mental health have made it a beneficial tool within psychotherapeutic therapies. With a growing body of research into the mental health benefits, yoga is now being used to promote body awareness, reduce, increase concentration, encourage calmness and even balance the nervous system. 

The MINDSTUDIO holds yoga classes that fit with your physical ability and mental health needs. There are yoga classes for both beginners and those who are more advanced. 

Dietetics and Nutritional Advice 

There is a well-established link between diet, physical and mental health. If you are struggling with your emotional wellbeing or your mental health needs are not being met, then your relationship with food may be affected. This can harm both your physical and mental health.

Dieticians work in partnership with you to assess and monitor your mental and physical health risks associated with food and nutrition. They support you in planning, managing and reviewing your nutrition and dietetic care.

Physical Training

A personal trainer (PT) is a certified professional who has knowledge, skills and abilities to design safe and effective exercise programs and deliver one-to-one training. The MINDSTUDIO personal trainer works with you to create an enhanced, tailored training program to suit your needs, ability and goals.

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